Section 172


Section 172 statement


The Directors of the Group must act in accordance with the duties detailed in section 172 of the Companies Act 2006 which is summarised as follows:


A Director of a Group must act in the way he considers, in good faith, would be most likely to promote the success of the Group for the benefit of its members as a whole, and in doing so have regard (amongst other matters) to:


  1. a) The likely consequences of any decision in the long term.

Lioncourt Homes is headed by an effective Board of Directors which brings a wide range of commercial, housebuilding and financial experience and is collectively responsible for the long-term success of the Group and overall leadership. The Group’s future strategy is designed to have a long-term beneficial impact on the Group and to contribute to its success in delivering quality homes for our customers, achieved by carefully selecting new sites, delivering high quality workmanship, providing excellent customer service and maintaining the ‘Lioncourt culture’ which is the core to the business. The Group continues to operate in a prudent manner in line with market conditions.


  1. b) The interests of the Group’s employees.

Our employees are a key resource, dedicated to building and selling homes that our customers value. Our employees actively pursue opportunities for personal development and career progression with the support from: management; a culture of inclusion and diversity; compensation and benefits; and the ability to make a difference. We undertake various activities and operate many forums to foster participation in group events, invite opinions, questions, and ideas.


  1. c) The need to foster the Group’s business relationships with contractors, suppliers, customers, and others.


Our contractors and suppliers are key stakeholders in the business and facilitate our delivery of the homes that our customers want. They allow us to position and represent our brand in the market. Without the support of our contractors and suppliers we would not be able to create and bring our homes to life. We seek to ensure we engage with all of our contractors and suppliers in a partnership manner and follow various principals in our engagement with them. These include:

–           operating tender processes for orders above set limits;

–           agreeing an open and transparent commercial basis of operation;

–           paying to terms on agreed invoices and agreed certificates; and

–           having clear codes of conduct and policies covering the way in which we engage with contractors and suppliers.



We have several valuable long-term contractor and supplier partnerships which have been built by following our culture and values and embedding them in the relationships we build.

The Group is committed to maintaining good customer relations and has spent considerable time and effort this year and in previous years to enhance customer satisfaction. This is independently verified and we strive to maintain these high standards. The above has helped to support a seventh consecutive 5-Star Quality Rating from the Home Builders Federation.

  1. d) The impact of the Group’s operations on the community and the environment.

We demonstrate Lioncourt Homes culture and values through the way we engage with our communities. Our aim is always to enhance the locations and communities in which we develop. We take a holistic approach to site planning and focus on delivering public open spaces and amenities to enhance the built environments we deliver. We aim to minimise and mitigate our impact on the environment. We have robust policies in place to address issues around ecology, resource use and biodiversity which see us manage environmental impacts throughout the build environment development life cycle. Further we work actively with contractors and suppliers to adopt the most energy efficient design for our houses covering both the construction fabric, equipment, and appliances. We also support local schemes and charities in the regions where we develop.

  1. e) The desirability of the Group maintaining a reputation for high standards of business conduct.

As a Board of Directors, we strive to behave responsibly and ensure that management operate the business in a responsible manner, operating within the high standards of business conduct and good governance expected for our business and in doing so, will contribute to the delivery of our plan. The intention is to nurture our reputation through both the construction and delivery of quality value for money homes. We have also won the 5-Star Quality Home Builder Award for the past 7 years, which further demonstrates the quality of our homes.

  1. f) The need to act fairly between members of the Company.

As the Board of Directors, our intention is to behave responsibly toward our shareholders and treat them fairly and equally. Annually a board meeting is held with all shareholders to update them with the Group’s results and future plan.

Other major stakeholder groups include the Group’s insurers, suppliers, bankers, advisors, auditors, regulators, contractors, suppliers and HMRC. With all these stakeholder groups, the directors maintain regular and open dialogue to ensure that all parties are kept informed. The directors believe this is essential to building strong working relationships.