Lioncourt Homes respond to leasehold consultation

As the ongoing debacle on the future of leasehold continues, with government plans to ban the sale of leasehold houses, Lioncourt Homes has reassured their customers that they will not be amongst those affected by the scandal. The Worcester headquartered company has always sold their houses on a freehold basis.

Leasehold is a method of owning a property for a fixed term but not the land on which it stands, whereas Freehold ensures that the purchaser has outright ownership of the property and the land on which it stands.

The Government open consultation ‘Tackling unfair practices in the leasehold market’, which will conclude on 19 September 2017, looks at a range of measures to tackle unfair and unreasonable abuses of leasehold. The consultation will also seek views on excluding leaseholders from possession orders and views on freeholders being able to challenge service charges for mixed tenure estates with shared facilities.

Colin Cole, Chief Executive of Lioncourt Homes said: ‘At Lioncourt we put the interests of our customers first and it has never been a consideration to use the Leasehold approach to sell our houses since it means that there are hidden costs. Selling our houses Freehold means that our customers get what they want, a new home on land that they own.’

Lioncourt Homes are recognised as one of the leading quality home builders in the UK where direct customer feedback to industry body, The House Builders Federation, has resulted in them achieving Five Star Quality for the past three years. They are one of only eight housebuilders in the UK to receive this accolade.